316 West Dixie & 318 West Dixie, Elizabethtown, KY: UPDATES

It has recently come to my attention that the properties I photographed in late 2014, two old, majestic beauties on Dixie Highway, have been torn down.

I first noticed this tragedy while browsing Google maps as I often tend to do, checking up on the properties I’ve photographed and researched.  Then, a comment on both houses regarding their demise prompted me to head back to Google for photos of the most recent images of the properties that I can obtain long-distance.

For your comparison, 318 and 316 West Dixie, both built 1910, torn down around 2016–at 106 years old.

316 West Dixie:

316 w dixie

Image above: 316 West Dixie in August, 2013.


Image above: 316 West Dixie, boarded up and abandoned, in fall 2014.

318 316 W Dixie 2017 (3).png

Image above: 316 West Dixie lot site, January 2016.  Most trees (including what appeared to be the oldest tree on the site, right) are cut and removed.

318 West Dixie:

318 w dixie

Image above: 318 West Dixie, August 2013.


Image above: 316 West Dixie, Fall 2014.

318 316 W Dixie 2017 (2).png

Image above: 316 West Dixie lot site, January 2016.

318 316 W Dixie 2017 (1).png

Image above: looking south down the Dixie Highway at 316 and 318 lot sites. (316 lot site is closest, 318 lot site is just past 316).

In conclusion, I am completely with the lady who commented on my original 316/318 West Dixie posts–this certainly shows the true colors of the historic society and the Elizabethtown government that not one but two 106-year-old homes stood vacant for 2-3 years before being destroyed–not sold, remodeled, or restored–but torn down.

Congratulations, Elizabethtown.  Your heritage speaks for itself.






2 thoughts on “316 West Dixie & 318 West Dixie, Elizabethtown, KY: UPDATES

  1. Looking to do some exploring with my son. Do you have any recommendations of some good sites to go without worry of trespassing and or contacts to attain permission? Louisville area thx in advance love the page


    • Hi Paul,
      I’m no longer in that area, and full disclosure: I never did get permission to trounce about these sites. I know for certain that the 8601 Dixie Highway site has ‘no trespassing’ signs posted, as does the 15700 Dixie Hwy site. The 21502 Dixie Hwy site is right off the highway, so you wouldn’t have to sneak about anywhere to see that one, and I don’t think there are ‘no trespassing’ signs posted there. The West Point Independent Colored School had ‘no trespassing’ signs around it as well, I believe, but don’t quote me. I know for a fact that several of the Etown sites and the one in Radcliff no longer exist. The Aydelott-Rosenberger House definitely has ‘no trespassing’ signs.
      Unless you contact the property owner, keep in mind that doing what I like to do carries a certain amount of risk with it. Consider your decisions carefully, especially if you end up taking your son! Happy snooping!


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