316 West Dixie & 318 West Dixie, Elizabethtown, KY: UPDATES

It has recently come to my attention that the properties I photographed in late 2014, two old, majestic beauties on Dixie Highway, have been torn down.

I first noticed this tragedy while browsing Google maps as I often tend to do, checking up on the properties I’ve photographed and researched.  Then, a comment on both houses regarding their demise prompted me to head back to Google for photos of the most recent images of the properties that I can obtain long-distance.

For your comparison, 318 and 316 West Dixie, both built 1910, torn down around 2016–at 106 years old.

316 West Dixie:

316 w dixie

Image above: 316 West Dixie in August, 2013.


Image above: 316 West Dixie, boarded up and abandoned, in fall 2014.

318 316 W Dixie 2017 (3).png

Image above: 316 West Dixie lot site, January 2016.  Most trees (including what appeared to be the oldest tree on the site, right) are cut and removed.

318 West Dixie:

318 w dixie

Image above: 318 West Dixie, August 2013.


Image above: 316 West Dixie, Fall 2014.

318 316 W Dixie 2017 (2).png

Image above: 316 West Dixie lot site, January 2016.

318 316 W Dixie 2017 (1).png

Image above: looking south down the Dixie Highway at 316 and 318 lot sites. (316 lot site is closest, 318 lot site is just past 316).

In conclusion, I am completely with the lady who commented on my original 316/318 West Dixie posts–this certainly shows the true colors of the historic society and the Elizabethtown government that not one but two 106-year-old homes stood vacant for 2-3 years before being destroyed–not sold, remodeled, or restored–but torn down.

Congratulations, Elizabethtown.  Your heritage speaks for itself.