21502 Dixie Highway: A-1 Montgomery Auto Mart / Construction, West Point, KY

Off 31W just outside of the understated yet impressively historic town of West Point, KY, is an old building that is falling quietly into ruin.  It’s clearly a survivor from another era, a run-down little structure that has the look of an old business.  Angled to face the Dixie Highway, it’d be a natural office for an auto salesman.  It was on another cloudy winter day that I found a bit of time for a look around.


From the front, the roof–peeling shingles and all–just out over the first story entrance.  A sign resting against the front window betrays the identity of this former store.


The sign gives “21502 Dixie Highway, West Point, KY” as the address, listing phone and fax numbers for a car dealership.


A peek inside the front window (to the right as you face the building) betrays a disheveled office and some mysterious murals that are being stored inside the structure.


Looking inside the window to the left betrays the remnants of a staircase, now with a ladder to serve as the steps, and more murals.


Moving to the left, the building starts to show its worst areas of decay.  A hole in the side of the building and a badly deteriorated ad along with falling shingles betray nature’s wear and tear with time and human neglect.



The back of the building shows a base of cinder blocks and brick.  Covered with plywood and open in other spots, I begin to wonder if the upstairs served as a personal residence while the downstairs was the store/shop.


A small, unlocked cinder block room enters the base of the structure at the back.  Not much to see here.


Looking straight up, this shot shows the various materials used in construction.  The obvious cinder block division to the right of the photo begs the question: was this building built in pieces or added on to at a later time?  It would certainly seem that way based on the pattern in the blocks.


Debris scattered at the base of the back wall.  The remnants of a full set of china and what might be a table further begs the question: what was the building’s upstairs used for?




Looking across the back of the building from the building’s right (as you’re facing the front).  A steep embankment guards the access from the left side of the building.


Facing the building and looking to the right.  Heavy overgrowth stands guard on this side of the structure.


One final view from the front.

This is yet another structure whose history is largely unknown.  A google search brought up the following links to businesses at this address:

This site gives a description of an A-1 Montgomery Construction business at this address.

A-1 Montgomery Construction, owned and operated by John Montgomery.  Annual sales: 243,080.  Builders and general contractors, single-family housing construction.  No dates given.

None of the searches brought up any information on the auto mart other than the fact that it was operated from the same address.  None of the searches turned up dates for either businesses, either.  Is it possible that the auto mart was the first business here, and when it went out, the owner (John Montgomery) turned to construction and ran a contractor business out of his old auto shop?  That would seem the most likely answer, especially as the building had no information/visible signage about the construction business.

That’s all for this time!  Thanks for reading.


One thought on “21502 Dixie Highway: A-1 Montgomery Auto Mart / Construction, West Point, KY

  1. This building belonged to Gene Smith the once Mayor of West Point,his half brother was John Montgomery who Gene gave this building to. John ran it as an Auto sales, there was never a construction business ran out of this building in the many years that Gene owned it. Gene passed away several years ago and John left town several years before that and he did inherit all that belonged to Gene because he was the only relative that Gene clammed. I’m pretty sure it was auctioned off along with everything else Gene Smith owned. Gene started out in Louisville running Gay bars and with his money bought Benny’s first and Last Chance Bar and the 2 apartments buildings that stood behind the bar, now empty spot just down from Ohio Valley Raceway.


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