An Introduction

As I’m hardly keen to talk about myself, especially on the internet, all you really need to know about me is that I’m insatiably curious, a history buff, and drawn to the old, abandoned and forgotten.  I enjoy exploring as much as I enjoy writing, and I’m often happiest when I can combine the two.  Photography isn’t so much a hobby as it is a habit, with photo-documentation being a relatively new but inarguably important medium in the art of remembering things long past.

Welcome to the world of the Wayward Wanderlust.  Come with me and explore the lost, the lonely, and the long-neglected monuments of yesterday.  As a lover of history, my intent is always to respect and never to destroy–but perhaps, occasionally, to trespass.  With that said, if you choose to walk in my footsteps instead of only read about them, you run the same risks as I do on any adventure into the forlorn ruins of other eras.  Follow at your own peril.


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